Project 99 Pieces


99 pieces”… When artist Marjon de Jong was about to buy 100 small canvases, she changed her mind. Why 100? “That is so obvious,” she thought, and she decided to buy 99 canvases. And thus the Project 99 pieces was born.

It’s all about 99 pieces of art which are for sale for the symbolic amount of 99 Euros a piece. The actual value is 220 Euros a piece. And, to keep the symbolism going, 9.90 Euros of each sale is donated to charity. Think of young, talented, foreign artists who do not have the means to buy materials or to develop their skills in their own country.

Project 99 pieces was released in 3 phases. The final presentation was held at XPOZZ (2011). At the end of the project, 99 collage posters from all those pieces will be printed. These posters can be reserved – the estimated cost is 25 Euros per poster.

The dimensions of the pieces are 20 by 20 centimetres and 3 centimetres deep. They are ink paintings which were made on rice paper and then mounted on canvas. The pieces are all original, numbered, and signed, plus they all have Marjon de Jong’s personal seal printed on them. All the pieces can be combined, so you can compose your own collection. The pieces can be mounted, but they can also be placed standing up as an object, resting on the 3 cm wide edge.

The concept of 99 pieces which Marjon de Jong invented, is based on Kabbalah numerology according to which numbers have a higher meaning. For example, the number 11 is a Master Number and the number 99 is the highest Master Number. Project 99 pieces was executed in 3 phases of 33 pieces. 33 is the number of the Master Jesus. As such, the nature of the entire project is symbolic. The artist thinks it is very important that the pieces find their own way to the persons the pieces belong to. That is why she has chosen to keep the pieces affordable and that is also why part of the proceeds is donated to charity.

The final presentation of 99 pieces was held at XPOZZ in Utrecht on 9 and 10 April 2011.
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Project 99 Pieces 001
Project 99 Pieces 006
Project 99 Pieces 013
Project 99 Pieces 026

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