Japanese artists about Marjon

"Your art is like a splendid rose which rises above a field of daisies in all its perfection".
Nara, Japan january 2007


Gift from Koji Ikeda to Marjon de Jong, 10 personal seals made by him (2013)

RYOSAKU KOTAKA (website: ryosakukotaka.jp)

"There is no difference between a Japanese Master and her.
This is unique outside Japan, I can hardly believe it!
She has a perfect eye for balance and composition.
This innate ability cannot be taught.
She knows when to stop striking her brush.
More often than not, Japanese artists revert to dripping and splattering away.
Although the results may seem quite impressive, it is just tricks.
Marjon’s use of ink, however, is restrained.
She allows the emptiness to disclose and she gives it space.
Her art is of incredible beauty.
I admire her deeply.
Her work also shows her gratitude for the true art of creation.
This is also a sign of modesty.
She is a great artist."

Leiden, 27 june 2010, Sieboldhuis


"Your work is very interesting and I see it as very beautiful"

Nijmegen, October 2013


"Her art is of exceptional beauty, this is true mastership. I would very much like to work together with her, for the paper I make is very nice, but she has the ability to make much nicer paintings on it."

Dordrecht, 2002

IWAO YAMAGISHI ( traditional ink maker / National Treasure )

"I am very much impressed by your Japanese spirit and by the way you give shape to Sumi-e. Highly intriguing, very beautiful, and very innovative."

Nara Inkmuseum, Nara, Japan 2004


"Incredibly fine art. It is hard to imagine that this was done by someone who is not Japanese. I have deep admiration for the wonderful art she creates, but also for the way she mounts the paper in a traditional manner."

Kanazawa, Japan 1990

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